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Why Behind the Neck Lat Pulldowns are Killing your Shoulders

Have you been doing behind the neck lat pulldowns. I used to do this exercises all the time. What can I say. I didn’t know any better when I first started working out. There was no internet to surf for all the proper exercises and routines. All I had was the Arnold bodybuilding book.

I see guys and girls doing this exercise at the gym all the time.

The reason that this exercises is so bad for your shoulders is because most people don’t have the range of motion to do the exercise safely. Doing this exercise over and over for any period of time will actually reshape your shoulder in a negative way that may cause injury down the road.

Check out this video as Rick explains why this is such a bad exercise for your shoulders.

Behind the Neck Lat Pulldowns are Bad for your Shoulders

Rick Kaselj, MS is the author of the Fix My Shoulder Pain Program.

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