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Why I have Shoulder Pain and Exercises that Caused it

I just rejoined the gym a few weeks ago, after working out at home for a couple years. I was amazed at how much my perspective has changed over that time. I think I have learned more in the last 3 years then I knew the previous 17 in regards to working out.

My radar kept going off everywhere I looked. Poor form! Useless exercise! Dangerous machine! I was getting a headache looking at all these fitness goers working out and using the wrong equipment or wrong form.

My Shoulder Pain

The sad thing is that I use to be just like them. For years I used equipment and completed exercises the way that I read about and saw others doing. The only problem was that they weren’t good for my shoulders.

Ever since I started working out I had pain in my shoulders. Turned out to be tendinitis and I didn’t realize this for another 10 years. I still have pain in my shoulders that never seems to go away.

Several years ago I read an article about the 5 exercises you should not do or you will injure yourself. Since then I have eliminated these exercises from my routine and my shoulders got slightly better until…

A few months ago I noticed a nagging pain in shoulder when I would move it in certain positions. I went to my doctor last month and he told me that it isn’t bad enough to send me to physiotherapy so just put heat on it and see how that goes. Apparently I’m pinching a tendon in my shoulder when I move it in certain spots. I have used the heat and it feels a bit better but don’t just want the pain to go away, I want it fixed for good.

The 5 Worst Exercises for Your Shoulders and how to Fix Them

A couple days ago I watched these videos that are going around the internet this week about “The 5 Worst Exercises For Your Shoulders And How To Fix Them”.

Some of these exercises are the ones that I have already stopped doing but there were still a couple tips that I learned and I found out why I have this new shoulder pain.


This exercise that brought on this pain is bench dips. Apparently pulling your shoulder back in that position is a place that it shouldn’t be. I’ve been doing this for 20 years now so no wonder my shoulders are always bothering me. To make it even worse I use to do this with weights as well.

Yesterday I was at the gym and my shoulder pain was back again. I started with some dumbbell bench press and my shoulder wasn’t feeling that great. It was a constant pain. I moved over to dumbbell standing military presses. Once again the pain was still there. I decided to try one of the tips I got from the free videos. By bringing my arms 30 degrees in when I did my lifts the pain was gone. WOW!

One little change can make a big difference. That’s just one of the tips. There are 5 free in the videos.

In the videos Rick also talks about his new Shoulder Reshaping 3-Part Method that is used to reconstruct the shoulder joint from the outside and inside. It gets you pain free and focuses on alignment, tissue quality and activation & endurance.

If you have shoulder pain like me or your shoulder just hurts from lifting the kids or putting things away on the top shelf then you better check out this free video. It helped me so it should help you too.

Take the Shoulder Quiz and watch the 5 Free Videos

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