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Why the Single Arm Dumbbell Row is Giving You Shoulder Pain and How You Can Fix It

Many of you are probably doing various exercises in your workout routine that you don’t even know can hurt you. I see guys and girls doing the Single Arm Dumbbell Row every day at the gym and I bet many of them are doing it wrong. Performing exercises incorrectly can lead to injuries and pain in this case.

I have a video for you today from injury specialist Rick Kaselj, MS. The video is about the single arm dumbbell row. By doing this exercise wrong you can actually reshape your shoulder in a negative way which will lead to injury down the road.

Take a look at this video so you can make sure you are doing this exercise properly.

Rick Kaselj, MS is the author of the Fix My Shoulder Pain Program.

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Were you doing this exercise wrong? Did this video help you? Leave us your comments below.

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