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Will Smith Workout

Will Smith Workout is a site dedicated to bringing you the Will Smith workout routine that he uses for his various movie rolls like Ali, I am Legend, iRobot and Men in Black.

I remember watching Will Smith in the Fresh Prince of Bellaire and he was pretty skinny and tall. I would say that he had an ectomorph body which is another term for a Hardgainer. The fact that he was able to put on muscle for his movie rolls means that he worked extremely hard as for any hardgainers out there you know it is not an easy task.

Will Smith Workout

The Will Smith Workout was first used when he was transforming his body for his part in the move Ali. Although he constantly stays in top shape he needed to kick it up a notch and get in better shape than before.

Will Smith Workout Routine

Check back soon as I give you more information on the Will Smith workout routine that you can use to get in shape like Will Smith.

Will Smith Workout

The Will Smith Workout Routine that Will uses is different for every role that he plays. He has gotten pretty good at transforming his body to where it needs to be for each of his movies. Most of the movies that he has acted in he needed to be in great physical condition. Some of these include Bad Boys, Ali, I Robot and I am Legend.

One of the things that makes Will Smith so popular is his determination and attitude which you need to get results for any challenge you have in your life including your workout. Will gets his determination from his father and he instills this in his own children. He uses this determination in his Will Smith workout to transform his body as he needs to for his various movie roles.

Will Smith Workout

I have been looking around the net for the different Will Smith workout routines and everyone seems to have the same one but it’s hard to tell which movie he actually used this workout routine for. I guess that is what you get when you are trying to find the workout routines for celebrities. Everything seems to be rumors and gossip so it’s hard to tell what the truth is. Here is the Will Smith workout routine that I found to be the most common one out there.


Will Smith Workout Routine

The Will Smith workout routine was created by his trainer Darrell Foster who also trained “Sugar Ray Leonard” for 18 years. The obvious thing to say would be that this workout routine was probably for the movie Ali since he was playing Mohammad Ali who is a boxer. Here is the Will Smith workout routine.

– Will ran first thing in the morning 6 days a week and would run for 5 miles.
– He did his weight training in the evening by performing weightlifting or resistance training 5 days per week. Each workout would be two body parts.

These resistance training workouts would be done in pyramid fashion which decreased the amount of reps each set. The number of reps would go like this: 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, and 2.

He broke down his workouts into 5 days:

1. Chest and Triceps
2. Back and Biceps
3. Shoulders
4. Abs and Core
5. Legs

Here is a summary of the different workout routines that Will Smith has had for his various roles.


Will Smith Workout for Ali

The Will Smith workout for Ali was build around the fact that will had to increase his muscle mass from 185 lbs to 220 lbs. Will used the trainer Darrell Foster who has been a trainer for “Sugar Ray Leonard” for 18 years. You know this had to be a tough workout. He began working out 12 months before filming of the movie began.

It’s been said that Will Smith would train for 6 hrs a day for the movie Ali. The reason that he trained for so long was because he was also doing Boxing training. A normal person should try to keep their workouts around the one hour mark.


Will Smith Workout for I, Robot

The Will Smith Workout for I Robot was basically the same workout that he did for the movie Ali minus the boxing training. He had lost some of the muscle that he gained for Ali so he had to build more muscle. Once again he was using his 5 days per week routine working out 1-2 body parts per day. Will started at 12% body fat and ended at 7.5% body fat. The reason he was able to cut his body fat was because of this diet. He cut out some of the bad foods and reduced his calories. He had lots of time since he started this routine well in advance.


Will Smith Workout for I am Legend

The Will Smith Workout for I am Legend was designed to take Will from 205 lbs to 185 lbs which was a lot easier for Will because he has an easier time losing weight then gaining it.

The one problem that most people have with the will smith workout is that it is so huge. Who has time to run 5 miles a day and then do a weight training workout that is probably an hour. I’m guessing you aren’t the fastest man in the world so it will take you over 4 minutes to run a mile. So 20 minutes is the fastest but the average person would probably take about 40 minutes. That’s about 2 hrs a day dedicated to workout if you are trying to prepare for a movie role. My guess is that you aren’t.

Watch this video as it shows you how to build muscle and get ripped like Will Smith does with the Will Smith Workout.


Ok hopefully you just checked out that video. If not I’ll explain it for you. If you want to build muscle and get ripped like Will Smith without hiring his trainer to guide you through what you need to do and when you need to do it then there is a simple plan for you to follow so you can get the same results with shorter workouts.

Here goes…

There are 3 phases for you to follow if you want to build muscle, get ripped and keep this look for the whole summer. Yes it is possible.

1. Increase muscle size. Your muscles will grow but you won’t gain much strength during this phase.

2. Make your muscles stronger and harden them up.

3. Focus on building up density in your muscles and also using strategic cardio to burn fat.

4. BONUS PHASE for getting the ripped look like Will Smith.

OK so now you have a plan to get yourself closer to a Will Smith body. If you are like me you want more then this like an exact workout plan. I have been using the Visual Impact Muscle Building program by Rusty Moore. It focuses on building muscle and getting ripped just like Will Smith or you favorite celebrity that looks like Will Smith.

His program includes workout charts and an exact plan so you can just plug in your favorite exercises into the workout and start working out.

Still not enough..

He includes an exercise book which shows you how to do different exercises for each muscle that you can use along with the program and it’s all included together. He also includes a few pages on how to arrange your diet while in the phases. This is a very simple method that’s better then those extravagant diets out there.

Don’t waste another day, If you want a body like Will Smith then stop delaying….


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